Case studies of the team

Case 1 (Project management):

Problem: High costs and delays in the construction of a large-scale research and engineering pilot plant. Investment volume approximately 1 billion.
Solution: Reorganisation of the complete project; continuous project monitoring and current reporting to the principal shareholder (the Federation of the German States) on the technological project progress.

Case 2 (Restructuring/Cost reduction):

Problem: Necessary cost reduction of 15 million to maintain the competitiveness of a chemical company.
Solution: In co-operation with all departments of the company, suitable measures were drawn up and documented; negotiations with the works council; support for the execution of socially acceptable staffing measures.

Case 3 (Technical project management):

Problem: Imminent delays in the retrofitting of a large-scale test plant for cryogenic components (10 million).
Solution: Drawing-up of detailed project management plans (WBS) and co-ordination with all parties involved. Thereafter, regular supervising of progress including target performance comparison and elaboration of suitable countermeasures in case of problems and deviations from the plan.

Case 4 (Business Management Counselling):

Problem: Planned reorganisations for a chemical enterprise were from the viewpoint of the works council not explained sufficiently and comprehensibly.
Solution: Objective investigation of the matter; clarification and explanation of complex business processes on behalf of the works council.

Case 5 (Human Resources/Coaching):

Problem: The German company of an international mineral oil group required an executive training programme for about 100 junior managers.
Solution: In co-operation with the personnel section, development and implementation of a college-related training and qualification programme; several years of guidance provided in the form of an advisory committee.

Case 6 (Planning processes and planning tools):

Problem: Inefficient control and reporting structures in terms of time and commercial processes for the organisation of a large-scale engineering project.
Solution: Preparation of a new concept for cross-project bottom-up planning processes; support for the introduction and tailor-made new configuration of a suitable software tool on the basis of MS Project 07 in connection with SAP; preparation of an integrated and automated management information and reporting system.

Case 7 (Supply chain management):

Problem: Fastest possible production of special components made from austenite steel which are designed for 4 Kelvin with strong magnetic fields in vacuum conditions and in pressure vessels.
Solution: Takeover of project management and procurement; direction of internal employees in design; drafting of specifications and preparation of invitation to tenders; direction of suppliers to ensure punctual delivery and realistic costs.

Case 8 (Reorganisation):

Problem: Deviations from plan caused by delayed start of production and an insufficient number of clients in a high-tech company producing radio-chips.
Solution: Redesigning of the chip with time-to-market priority and revision of the marketing strategy with simultaneous reorganisation of R & D.

Case 9 (Technical project management):

Problem: Endangered timely supply of a small-batch series of highly complicated superconducting components.
Solution: Support to the project management in the planning and continuation of the sub-project; working-out, co-ordination and implementation of precisely elaborated accelerating measures in collaboration with the responsible staff members; application of critical WBS-path analyses to ensure that other organisational units deliver their contributions on time.

Case 10 (Business analyses):

Problem: A company listed on the stock market sells a part of its enterprise to a listed investor from abroad. The works council cannot assess the economic potential of the buyer.
Solution: Detailed analysis and comprehensible explanation of the published key data of the investor on behalf of the works council.

Case 11 (Process analysis)):

Problem: Inefficient administrative processes in a company that offers technical and engineering consulting.
Solution: Analysis and documentation of all company processes by structured interviews with the staff; drawing up accepted measures for improvement prepared by study groups and a concept for the support by data processing methods of planning and time-recording processes facilitate the prompt implementation of efficient organisational procedures.