General consulting, analyses and practical recommendations

Business administration

Process analyses

Analysis, documentation and improvement of administrative processes:

  • survey of individual performances through structured interviews with specially selected staff members
  • grouping of assignments and visual presentation of existing processes
  • analysis of process efficiency and identification of defective processes
  • analysis of the organisational structure and possible adaptation of structures
  • if required, rendering support to adapt the organisation of processes and structures to functional requirements of the enterprise.


Introduction of complex control systems

Success means the achievement of targets. A prerequisite for this is:

  • up-to-date of positions
  • analysis of deviations
  • the systematic development of countermeasures.


For these processes, the control system ideally provides the current relevant data supported by data processing. We help our clients to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their control procedures by tailor-made solutions:

  • by ascertaining their current need of information at different levels of management
  • by drawing up standardised forms of presenting relevant data and key figures
  • by designing the necessary processes to obtain essential data, if necessary by introducing continuously up-dated bottom-up planning.


Concepts for, and implementation of, planning tools supported by data processing

  • preparation of expert concepts for technological process support (preferably by combining existing data processing platforms to one database)
  • technical integration and configuration of data processing solutions
  • initiating a pilot process
  • training and roll-out