General consulting, analyses and practical recommendations


Strategy advice

On the basis of our longstanding experience in leading consultancy agencies and our own entrepreneurial activities in medium-sized companies, we have proven expertise in the field of classic management consultancy. We are familiar with implementation problems and solutions to them within complex constellations.
Within the public sector we offer inter alia management advice for large-scale projects. We develop and implement realistic strategies in co-operation with our clients, taking into consideration and complex different basic conditions and requirements.

Practical organisational recommendations

Enterprises, organisations and projects pass through different stages of maturity or development which generally demand various organisational modifications. We help our clients in finding the optimal organisational forms while paying attention to existing circumstances and the most advanced management know-how.

Process advice

Organisational recommendations include organisational structure and process organisation. The optimal implementation of appropriate recommendations takes account of demands created by the situation and possibly arising problems of acceptance as well. We plan, monitor and support the implementation and general application of necessary processes throughout the organisation.

Coaching at all management levels

Particular conditions, and most of all crises, demand immediate and comprehensive actions. Our longstanding experience enables us to assist managers at all levels to accomplish their day-to-day tasks under extreme and specific conditions.