General consulting, analyses and practical recommendations


Technology assessments

Management decisions are often taken on the basis of evaluations for technologies with the aid of valuation standards:

  • corporate objectives
  • strategic orientation
  • maturity level of the particular technology.

We prepare independent technology evaluations which provide the basis for technology planning and pre-arrangements prior to decisions on choices or changes. Our tools are, for instance, strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats (SWOT) analyses, portfolio analyses, S-curves or life-cycle concepts for technologies.

Technology audits

Within the framework of technology audits, we analyse the individual overall profile of the technical/technological status quo of the company. We look into the technical effectiveness and potential in research and development, in the technologies used in the company and in production. On request, we also assess future technologies, e.g. with regard to their market potential, ancillary political conditions and social acceptance. Technological analyses help our clients to recognise needs for development at an early stage and safeguard their market positions. Thorough analyses of technological profiles may also advance the implementation of comprehensive technology management (e.g. strategic foresight, development of strategies, implementation of strategies and control).