Mergers und acquisitions


Screening of targets from a technological perspective

In technology-oriented fields the achievement of targets according to plan is decisive in generating first sales as soon as possible with new technologies or products. We help our clients in the process of independently evaluating technological targets and related steps for fulfilment with due regard to available experience, identified risks and advice on time schedules. Moreover, we also evaluate what impacts technological developments have on corporate success and provide corresponding practical recommendations for our clients. Should the occasion arise, this approach will help our clients to introduce the necessary steps at an early stage for achieving their targets and integrate them into their considerations.

Execution of technology due diligences

To hedge our clients' investment decisions, we evaluate independently industrial trademark rights (if necessary in consultation with patent agents), technologies and the available know-how, in particular in research and development. A strong patent portfolio and a favourable patent environment constitute vital factors of success. Independent evaluations may be of general importance to understand the potential of new technologies. Furthermore, we also evaluate on the one hand the scalability of the technologies used and on the other hand their back-ups (i.e. documentation, safety concepts, independence from individual persons) as a basis of decision-making for investments.