Project management

Business administration

Concepts for, and implementation of, planning tools supported by data processing:

  • preparation of expert concepts for technological process support (preferably by integration of existing data processing platforms into one database)
  • technical integration and configuration of data processing solutions
  • initiating pilot processes
  • training and roll-out.

Earned-Value Analyses

Inconsistent information on project progress and the lack of countermeasures often induce considerable extra costs and more project time than actually planned. This is in particular the case if one or more elements of the three categories 'costs', 'time' and 'performance' (different stages of completion) are neglected. The aim of the Earned-Value Analysis is therefore to facilitate the evaluation of the success of the project. It serves to define project progress and helps to predict total costs and the project duration on the basis of an integrated analysis of expenses caused, time spent and work accomplished (different stages of completion).
We help our clients with the conceptional introduction of related methods.