Project management


Operational management implementation to reach set targets effectively

Complex technology projects must satisfy modern management requirements. In co-operation with the parties involved, we provide support on the development and implementation of adequate project structures and targets, actual state and deviation analyses as well as necessary countermeasures.

Elaboration and optimisation of Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)

WBS constitute an essential part of project organisation. However, they are often inadequately particularised (either too crude or detailed), show neglect of deviation analyses, early warning systems and insufficient counteractivities. We help our clients to develop suitable, effective and efficient WBS and ensure their general implementation and application.

Interface Management

Projects live on cross-functional interaction of various internal sections of an organisation as well as efficient co-operation with external suppliers. Together with the parties involved, we support the implementation of a common basis (in particular WBS) and uniform interface management with regard to collective objectives such as quality, costs and time.